Adding quotes is a fun and simple way to practice your handwriting or decorate your bullet journal, but there are other reasons to include quotes and pictures in your bullet journal. To some, adding a quote or image to their bullet journal notebook diary may seem like a waste of space, even if it’s beautiful, but one of the reasons I do it is because it resembles a certain part of life. It is currently underway. With a short pause, I can express my feelings by writing and drawing.

I have focused on writing and the arts all my life…

Funeral flowers can be used as a wonderful reminder of the life of your loved ones. The designs are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, and can be customized according to your needs. If you need help selecting a bouquet, look no further

Honor the people you love

Choosing a wreath for a memorial service or funeral flowers North London can overwhelm you. Take your time and choose a bouquet that has meaning to you.

This bouquet consists of pink peaches and roses, pink broth, palm leaves, and green chrysanthemums. The roses are arranged very close together in groups…


A graph is a collection of vertices (nodes) that are connected by edges to form a network. Graphs are very versatile data structures and algorithms that can solve many real-world problems. Charts are often used on social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook. With the development of Graph QL, data is organized into graphs or networks.

General interview questions:

  • Find the shortest path between two peaks
  • Check if there is a path between two vertices
  • Find the “mother node” on the graph

Hash tables

What is hashing? Before diving into hash tables, it’s important to understand what hashing is.


Algorithms and Data structures online courses are some of the most important skills that every computer science student should possess. It is often considered that people who are well versed in these technologies are better programmers than others.

Data structure and algorithm are some of the most important topics for programmers, both for getting a job and getting it done successfully. Data structures and algorithms are the basis for writing good code.

If you are familiar with important data structures like Arrays, strings, linked lists, trees, maps, and advanced data structures like effort, and self-balancing trees like AVL trees, etc…

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